Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy is effective on January 28, 2019.


Important Note:


Please read the following privacy carefully before using our services. Our privacy policy describes how we collect, store, use, process, share and protect the information of the user. It also discusses the risk involved in the use of the services.

Your continued use of the Services will be deemed that you have read, understood and agree to the Privacy Policy. You will not be excused from your liabilities arising from the Privacy Policy merely on the ground that you fail to read the Privacy Policy. All terms and expressions with specific meaning are defined by the Terms.



Eligibility and Children's Privacy


  • The Service is not intended to be used by the children under the age 17 year. If you don’t qualify the eligibility criteria, then you must not use the Services as it may create liability for you and your parents or guardians if something goes wrong. If we collect any information from any child unknowingly, we encourage you to notify us so that we may delete the data about such child from our system.



What Constitutes Information:


  • Information constitutes includes; (a) Your first and last name, user-to-user chat, ; (b) any information that you may choose to display on your profile page, first name, last name, photo, bio, etc; (c) Event Content (campus event name, description, time, location or any information associated therewith) and User Content; (d) Email ID ending in “.edu”; (e) Your account information such as your username and password; (f)Information about your browser; (f) Identifiable information about your mobile, device or any computer; (h)Your browsing history; (i) Your contact lists or/and your third party social media account contact list; (j) Location, IP address, phone number, or any information that may help us to know your location; (k) Analytics information by third party analytics tools; (l) Your activities while using our Services; (l)Log file information including Internet Protocol (“IP) address, your web request, browser type, number of clicks, referring / exit pages and URLs, landing pages, domain names, pages viewed, and how you interact with links on our Service, and any other information about you, your activity, your status, your relation with any person, place or situation; (n) Information about your User Content such as Metadata; (o) Top Weekly Content (any photo, video, status or any relevant content); and, (p) Information about your third party social media account when you like, share or comment on any content on our Services, or any content on any third party social media website.



Purpose of Collection of Information:

We require your information for the following purposes:

  • To authenticate the user accessing the User Account;

  • To keep record of registered users;

  • To track User’s activities under their User Account;

  • To maintain your security;

  • To improve the Services;

  • To enforce the Terms and Privacy Policy;

  • To provide you with the full features of the Services;

  • To send correspondence, communication and any marketing related material;

  • To enable other Users to find you on the Services;

  • To analyze the user experience, trends, behavior and preference generally and demographically;

  • To customize, enhance and improve your user experience;

  • To maintain the record of users registered on the Services;

  • To associate your relevant information with any content;

  • To provide any third party social media network when you allow them to request us such as OAuth and OpenID;

  • To enable you to share your User Content;

  • To communicate with other users through our chat-room; and

  • To inform of any campus event to other Users.


How We Collect Your Information: 


  • We use different methods to collect your information for the purposes mentioned above. You provide us directly with the following information at the time you create your User Account and subsequently when you use our Services:

    • Your login information (username and password) and e-mail address with a “.edu”;

    • Your profile information that you would like to publicly display on your profile page;

    • Your User Content that you post and share using the Services; and

    • Your email to verify the information you represent.

  • With the help of third party providers, we may access your data about your current geo-location such as IP address, GPS coordinates and similar other information. In no circumstances, we collect identifiable information about your location through this method. However, we may use identifiable information in combination with the geo-location data for any of the purposes mentioned above.

  • We may not able to provide you with some of the location based features of the Services if you set your browser not to share your location or use any proxy servers.

  • You may find and invite your friends who are in your phonebook and/or friends on any third party social media website and are, at the same time, registered on the Services. To find them, you may either provide us with an access to mobile phonebook or set up a link to any third party social media website. If you chose to find friends through your mobile phone contact list or any third party social media website, then we will access your phonebook or third party social media contact list.

  • We employ third party analytics tools to collect the data about the user traffic and trends for the Services. We use your information collected by the third party analytics tools in combination with similar information of other Users. It minimizes the risk that you may be identified while using the information.

  • We use cookies and similar other technologies to collect your information about your use of the Services. We need such information to determine which part or features of the Services you like the most so that we may improve the Services accordingly. We may allow third party advertisers and contractors to use cookies to know your user pattern.

  • The cookies are text-only files that are sent to the user’s computer by our servers that recognize a user when they re-visit our Website. Such cookies keep reporting us the preferences the users made, page to page navigation history and the duration of the use of the Services.

  • You may at any time set your browser not to accept any cookies through your browser setting if you don’t want them to remain on your computer or device. However, you may not be able to receive the Services with full features if you bar our cookies to store on your computer or device.

  • The log file information is reported to us each time you access the Services, download any content and app from our servers or click on any link in an email or any other content.

  • We also collect information about your device when you access the Services by device identifier, a small data files stored on your device that uniquely identifies your device. In addition to identifying your device, the device identifier also collects information about your usage of the Services that help us improve the same. You may set your device to disable such device identifier. However, you may not able to receive the Services with full features.

  • We collect information or data that you associate with your User Content such as hashtag, geotag, comments or other data.

  • When you interact with us by liking, commenting or sharing any content on our account with third party social media websites, then we may collect information about you to the extent you share publicly.



Sharing of Your Information: 


  • In no case we sell, lease, transfer or share any information to any third party without your consent. Your continued use of the Services constitutes a valid consent to this Privacy Policy. We may share your information with our partners, subsidiaries, contractors, subcontractors, employees, and service providers (“Affiliates and Service Providers”) only when and to the extent it is reasonably required to do so. Given the nature of the information, we may also require our Affiliates and Service Providers to sign a non-disclosure agreement. A part of your information forms non-identifiable information which is shared with third party advertisers. In addition to the foregoing, we may share certain part of the information with any of our Affiliates and Service Providers for marketing and research purposes. It is not possible for any person to identify you on the basis of such non-identifiable information.

  • We may, if we believe in good faith that it is appropriate, access, preserve and share your information to any local or foreign legitimate authorities upon (a) their lawful and legitimate request; (b) your breach of the Terms and this Privacy Policy or any applicable law; and (c) you commit fraudulent and criminal act. We own no liability for any use, handling or processing of your information by such authorities.

  • Your information such as your User Content and Profile Information is publicly viewable when you chose to share it publicly or with any friend(s). You may set who can view your information through the privacy setting of your account. The privacy setting doesn’t take effect retrospectively. For example, if you share any User Content and then decide not to share the same and change your privacy settings, such User Content may exist in the history of the Services. You acknowledge that we own no liability arising from your act of sharing your User Content to any friend(s) and to general public.



Storage of Your Information: 


  • Your information is collected by the Services and stored in our servers in Newark, New Jersey, United States. Except your Profile Information, chat-room content, Event Description, we may keep User Content for 7 days and remove it upon expiry of 24 hours or 7 days. Your User Account and Profile Information may be kept in our servers as long as (a) your User Account exists and (b) we, in our sole discretion, require it. Event Content is deleted upon the expiry of any campus event which is the subject of Event Content. Similarly, the chat-room content or communication may remain on the server for 7 days and may, in our sole discretion, be removed at any time without any prior notification. You are notified hereby that you must not store any important information, data or content in the chat archive and copy and save on your personal storage. Top Weekly Content may be kept for a longer period of time. We may shift the servers to any place within the United States or to any other jurisdiction without any prior notification. However, we may, but not obligated to, inform our existing Users of any such development. If you are using the Services beyond the United States, you must know that the collection, storage, sharing and processing of your information takes place in any other country that may not have similar data protection laws and safeguards as the country of your residence does have. By using the Services, you give your consent to the collection, transfer, share, process and use your information.

  • In no event shall we be liable to the law of any other jurisdiction. The users accessing the Services of the United States must ensure that they are using the Services in compliance with the law of their local jurisdiction



Security of Your Information: 


  • We use appropriate technological, infrastructural, and administrative safeguards of current industry standards to protect your information. We verify your identity before accessing your User Account and may require you to authenticate that you are not a robot.

  • You must be familiar with the fact that no online data may be considered as one hundred percent (100%) secure, and same is the case with your information. We cannot guarantee that your information is completely safe. The Service may be subject to certain events or issues, accidents, bugs, limitations, errors and hacking that may devoid or sabotage our safeguards to protect your information. You acknowledge that we own no liability for any unauthorized access to, leak, misuse and disclosure of your information caused by any of the issue or event aforementioned.

  • You are solely responsible to protect your login information such as your username and password. We strongly advise you not to share such information with anyone. Your failure to maintain the fool proof security of your login information may expose you to any civil or criminal liabilities as all activities under your User Account is considered to be carried out by you only, unless you produced convincing proof of any unauthorized access to your User Account. However, to avoid any such inconvenience and hardships, it is better to prevent than cure.

  • Similarly, you should also take care of the privacy settings of your User Account. You must not publicly share your identifiable information or any information that may get you in any problem. We own no liability for any disclosure of your information to any person made in accordance with your privacy settings.



Our Communication: 


  • We may communicate with you with reference to your User Account through your email or text message depending your User Account setting. Such communications are mandatory and you cannot opt-out from the same. You acknowledge that we may communicate you about our new offers, products and similar other marketing. If you don’t want to receive such communication, you may unsubscribe from such communication services at any time, and henceforth, you will receive no such communication.








Third Party Content: 


  • Third party content includes all kinds of links, text, photos, advertisements, content and applications uploaded, posted and shared by any third party. We own no liabilities arising from your use and exposure to third party content. You must take appropriate precautions before using any third party content.





  • We may amend, alter, substitute, add or delete any provision of this Privacy Policy without any prior notice. However, we may, but not obligated to, inform our existing Users of any proposed amendments. You are strongly advised to check this Privacy Policy from time to time. The heading “Last Updated” may help you know whether there are any amendments in the Privacy Policy since you last checked the page. If you don’t agree to any amended version of the provision of the Privacy Policy, you are advised not to use the Services. However, if you fail to check any such amendment and continue to use the Services, the same shall be deemed that you agree to such amendments.

Contact Us:


  • Please contact us in case you want to report, notify or suggest us or have any query about the Services at:


Last Updated: 8/23/2019